What do we do?

AIM - A dedicated call handling centre for all customers. This reflects one of TPM’s values of accessibility. Telephone lines are open throughout the working day for direct call answering.

What does this mean for you?

TPM will be delivering to widen community benefits with improving customer satisfaction, quick solutions to common issues, work towards fewer disputes and improved cost saving.


AIM - to work to optimum standards in private households.
Properties being reinstated vary from flats to high end households with attention to detail and rigid in sequencing so to minimise disruption to the policy holder.

What does this mean for you?

Prompt & efficient scheduling of works with trained teams dedicated to strip out & reinstatement works. Works ranging from flood, fire, storm & malicious damage.


AIM - reactive response to customer’s repair requests. The coordination of our trades has been achieved through employing multi trade, fully trained tradespersons. In instances where specialised tradespersons are required, i.e. qualified electrician, we have proactively maintained a system of appointments, flexible enough to accommodate unexpected repairs, and rigid enough to avoid rescheduling.

The management of our Responsive Repairs Service:

  • Non urgent repairs are batched by scheme or geographic patch ensuring cost effectiveness.
  • Pre booking appointments on block, and setting up a routine, thus allowing customers to become familiar with a timetabled visiting regime.
  • This facilitates a minor repairs service without prior arrangements i.e. on the spot service.
  • Communication via blackberry with tradespersons enables effective and efficient response to emergencies
  • The scheme specific van stock the tradespersons carry would facilitate the on the spot service.

What does this mean for you?

Quality of work will be assured through educating all concerned with the expected standards of workmanship and we will monitor this by a system of quality inspections.


AIM - ensure quick turn over so to maximise customer returns.
Procedures for each customer are unique but the principles of Health & Safety, value for money, quality and speed of turnaround are maintained throughout.

What does this mean for you?

Opportunity for a fast, efficient and cost effective service, prioritising for clients needs, thus reducing number of voids and subsequent loss.


AIM - maintain customers and RSL properties to a high standard as guided by the Tenant Standards Authority (TSA).

The partnering we have developed with various RSL’s resulted in pushing efficiencies including:
Declining mountains of invoices
Eliminating variations
Bettering performance
Reduced completion times
Cost effectiveness
Increasing customer satisfaction levels
Reduced complaints
Excellent health and safety record
Promoting value for money together

What does this mean for you?

The works are based on a open book approach, margins are clearly identified linked to performance. This enables the Egan agenda through joint working across clients, maximising the regeneration benefits to the region through linking with local labour initiatives and local supplier chains.


AIM - TPM have worked extremely hard to minimise complaints from customers. This is achieved by ensuring that all involved are aware that customer satisfaction is the prime objective via training and by implementing TPM practices top down. We have found the best way to avoid complaints is to be open, honest and through consultation, maintain dialogue and continuous communication.

What does this mean for you?

You will have a dedicated person coordinating the works. This ensures one point of contact and thus a familiarity and ease to approach.

Some of our clients include
connect housing fusion 21 leeds federated
sadeh lok housing group homegroupweblogo
claims consortium


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Mission Statement
To strive for excellence by achieving optimum customer satisfaction, efficiency and diversity through an all encompassing quality service.